This is the Integrated Information Management System web interface of the DATAGRALP research project: Database for reconstructing the spatial-temporal evolution of the Glacial Resource in the Italian ALPs over the last 100 years in the Framework of the NextData Project.

The System is a validated and reliable information base for quantitative modeling of glaciers response to climatic forcing, and can be a tool for further research projects on glacial/periglacial environments. The system is developed using free open source applications according to the GeoNetwork architecture, in coordination with the working group that will develop and manage the Portal of the NextData Project.

- December 1st, 2013: start of the beta testing version
- February 11th, 2014: start of the release candidate version and start data entry
- February 18th, 2014: enabled the data upload tool for the NextData Geoportal
- May 23th, 2014: insertion of metadata in the NextData Geoportal finished
- May 29th, 2014: first delivery of data to the NextData project
- October 22nd, 2014: Metadata consultation free (link: NextData Geoportal)
- February 9th, 2015: second delivery of data to the NextData project
- March 17th, 2015: tirth delivery of data to the NextData project

Click here to consult the database (not yet active)